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Did You Buy  ANY  Products The Past 3 Months?

I'll Buy What YOU Want!


Wish List Rules & Regulations!

 Only Wishes To: https://UnselfishSupport.com Dep: #5 Will Be Considered

You can view The Vault as a Closed Club where members will enjoy special privileges. One of the most valued privileges is the 90% commission on every sale you make by promoting the freshest products available on the net :-)


We know that until our 1000 member cap is reached everyone will promote the Vault itself thus obtaining recurring residual monthly income - In due time product sales will take over.!


We know that many of you have tons of downloaded products sitting on your computer adding absolutely nothing to your bottom line because the lack of time to setup everything related to start selling each and every product you currently have your hands on.


So instead of no income you can plug-in to the Unselfish Marketer and sell the products you like to sell concentrating on ONE thing only, promote the product and make 90%


Of course you will get the MRR, PLR or even the Source Code for every product that is here right now and will be added the Vault in the future so you can choose to setup everything yourself and walk away with 100% of every dollar you make - it's up to you.


You can view what we offer as a value added service for our members that either don't have the time or the skills necessary to control every aspect of selling on the internet.



We All Want Hot Fresh New PRODUCTS To Use And Sell


Please do not send product requests for us to purchase if they do not meet the below rules


Once you purchase a membership to the Unselfish Marketer's VAULT, you will get instant access to the products download area. Everything you're currently seeing in the VAULT is yours. In the members only products download area you will find the email address to send your brand new products requests to.


We Need Your Help! My staff and myself are constantly monitoring the internet but of course we can use your eyes too :-) Let it be known here and now that when members request us to purchase a freshly released product that we approve, then we will use this member's REF URL to buy the product - We can't see any reason why the owner of the product shouldn't "bleed" a bit & pay you commission for making us aware of a sweet deal.


With That Said Please don't log 15 wish tickets every day - read the rules below


1. Each product wish must be requested using https://UnselfishSupport.com Dep: #5.
If requests are sent to an email addy
, your request will be ignored..!

2. Each product request must be for a product that was released within a weeks time of the request - or even better: Before the Launch. (please wish even if older thanks...I just like adding wished for products as fast as possible since new and fresh often is better)

3. Each product requested must be able to be added to a Membership Site! This is extremely important. If it can not be added to a Membership, we can't add it to the UM Vault.


3a. If the product is that good & with MRR but can't be added to a paid membership site:
Then we might buy it anyway, setup your 90% Commission Sales Page so you can start to promote the new product and if allowed offer it to you for $1 for your OWN use which is about the lowest amount PayPal accepts for a purchase :-)

4. Each product requested must come with either Master Resale Rights, Private Label Rights or include the Source Code itself.


5. We know that bundled product packages usually also contain a bunch of less desirable (read: crappy) products so please also make us aware of what exactly caught your attention making it faster for us to make a purchase decision, thank you - often you can see a potential in ONE or TWO products bundled in a 12 pack Please tell us which ones :-)



The Unselfish Marketer will purchase products according to the schedule i.e. As we grow your monthly purchase power grows too and this up to an staggering $5000+ once we close the doors for additional memberships.


As we grow, the total monthly purchase power is the total for all products from everyone per month - if you find something that you are dying to get your hands on and it meets the rules above, email us your request ASAP!


If our monthly limit is reached already but the product is that good and has the potential to make money for all Vault members, I will purchase it anyway.


Whenever the purchase power of a month is above the amount of requested products I will carry over any unused amount to the next month to assure that you get exactly the amount of products as promised - if I don't how on earth can I expect you to stay, right?


We will keep open records so you can check for yourself how much is spent where, when and for what product or reason. . .If I didn't want to deliver on my promises then I would have made the Unselfish Marketers' Vault Membership a once only lifetime fee of $297-$497 but since I myself hate shelling out a large amount only to be let down because of EMPTY PROMISES...!!! I decided to make the Vault an affordable monthly membership where I have to deliver over and over again


'Nuff said :-)


Warmest regards,


JayKay Bak

CEO & Founder

The Unselfish Marketer


Unselfish Marketer