Discover How To Create a Proper Sales Funnel That Will Automate Your Resell Rights or Product Sales Pages...

Finally, Take Your Resell Rights Products and Set Them Up to Sell...!

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Dear Friend,

I'm sure you have purchased a product with some sort of resell rights attached to it.  The biggest problem in this case is you end up doing it again and again, and they end up on your computer, collecting dust, instead of being on your website collecting sales.  At least that's where it should be.

Don't know how to take the sales page and downloadable files that you are given and setup your sales page to sell?  No on.  You see...Automation is the key to making money while you sleep. You've heard many times how people are going to websites, buying products, and instantly downloading the products immediately after payment.

Well, as a resell rights product owner, wouldn't you want to make money 24/7 without having to send the files to every customer that buys through you?  By doing this, you make your customers happy and you free up more time.

Let me ask you a few questions...

  • Don't know how to edit a webpage...?

  • Don't know how to setup your download pages...?

  • Don't know how to connect your sales page to your payment processor?

  • Don't know how to upload your files to your website?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, then you'll get those answers in this video series.

Introducing Sales Funnel Setup Video Series

This video series will show you how to take any resell rights or affiliate sales product, and set it up so that it is ready to sell.  After you view this video series, you'll be able to take those resell rights products you have collecting dust on your computer and turn them into automatic cash generating machines.

Here are the six videos with high quality content, but are simple for “any newbie”:

1)  Intro, Key elements, and Tools You Need
- In this video,  you will learn the main concepts you need to understand before we dive into automating our resell rights sales pages.  All the tools you will ever need in this video series are all free, assuming you have access to a resell rights product.

2) Getting Your Resell Rights Product Ready
- After you download your resell rights product, I will show you how to get it setup and ready so that when we setup the other parts, it will take less time.

3) Customizing Your Sales Page and Thank You Pages
- Customizing your SalesPage can be very quick.  Some resell rights products contain download pages, however some don't.  I will show you how to create your own download page, so whether or not you are provided with one, you will know how to customize your own.

4) How to Connect Your Download Page and Downloadable Files
- After you setup your download page, it's important to connect your download page to your downloadable files.  By doing this, when your customer clicks on the download link, they can download the files easily.  You will learn how to make it work on your computer before uploading it to your website, which will save you time.

5) How to Automate Your Sales With Paypal Buttons With Paypal Security
- By creating Paypal buttons, you can take the customer from the sales page, through your payment processor, and out to your download page quickly.  You will learn how to do all of that in this video.  This saves you time, because you'll never have to send the files to your customers after they pay, manually. 

6) How to Upload Files and Test to Ensure Your Sales Funnel Works...
- You may run the other way when you hear words like FTP, but in this video you will learn how to upload your files using either FTP or Cpanel's File Manager upload program.  Uploading files is not as hard as it sounds.  Testing that your sales funnel works ahead of time before you release it is very important, so you'll learn that as well.

So...with that said, don't walk, but run. Grab this now and push your business to the next level of success.

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How would you like to create simple yet effective sales funnels regardless whether you are a newbie or not?

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A word of caution: This is for serious business owners only....

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