Finally You Will learn how to modify your own wordpress themes.

it's easier than you think.

 this four part step by step video series will show you exactly how to "Dig into the code" to get it done.

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One of the most important parts about your Internet presence is branding. You might not even be aware that you are creating a brand whenever you create a site or a blog. If someone is reading what you have to say or buying your products you already have the elements of a brand working for you.

Just think of the importance of a brand. For instance when you want a cola product to drink you probably either think of Coke or Pepsi right away. These are examples of successful brands - and they are worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

You should be striving to do the same thing with your Internet presence. Your brand can be your own name or the name of a business - but you need to make sure that it is getting noticed.

One way to help promote your brand is to make your sites look unique. Many people use Wordpress for their blogs and their sites. The only problem is that it is not immediately straight forward how to modify the themes to take maximum advantage of your brand.

Well I have changed that for you with this four part video series. You will learn how to "Dig Into the Code" to make changes to your Wordpress themes (sometimes called templates as well). Don't worry because this is actually quite simple to do once someone shows you how. You don't need to be at all tech savvy to change your own template.

The good thing about Wordpress themes is that they have standardized file names for their different pieces - for instance the side bar will be called "sidebar.php" so you know that if you want to change the sidebar it will be that file that you need to change. This makes it very easy to make your own changes.

Heck - I'll even show you how you can use your own image as the header instead of using the one that came with the theme. This will help you promote your brand.

Here is What You Will Learn In These Videos

  • How to modify the Wordpress header.
  • How to modify the Wordpress footer.
  • How to modify the Wordpress sidebar.
  • How to use your own image in the header
  • How to add an opt in box (or any other code) to your site.
  • How to change the colors on your site using CSS.
and much more.
It's Time You Started Promoting Your Brand To Your Maximum Potential - and Changing Your Wordpress Themes Is An Effective Way To Get It Done!

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