How To Create Ebook Covers Without Photoshop

UPDATED 2008 - Now also how to make REFLECTIONS

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Most Marketers think they need to know how to use Photoshop or hire a graphics artist to have good looking ebook covers - but...


Did You Know You Can Create Terrific
Ebook Covers Without Photoshop?


You need covers for your ebooks - but Photoshop is probably not your favorite program...

...and you want covers that look great but you may not care to pay the high prices of custom designed graphics...

That's ok - keep reading because I'm going to tell you about an easy way to create your own great looking ebook covers - without Photoshop - for only a dollar each - or even free.

  • Easy Step-by-Step from Start to Finish

  • Screenshots on Every Page

  • See New Covers for 3 PLR Ebooks Created

  • The 3 PLR Covers & Ebooks Are Included

  • The 3 New Covers Created Also Included

  • 4th Bonus Ebook and New Cover Included

  • Save Time and Save Money

  • UPDATE 2008

Make Reflections TOO


But before I tell you more - take a look at what a few other people have to say about it...


"...Makes creating your own book cover much simpler."

" I know how important it is to outsource portions of projects that I'm not good at, or don't have time for. Getting graphics done for a sales page has been one of those tasks that I've paid for in the past.

Even though outsourcing is the buzzword of favor lately, it still takes time to not only find someone to outsource to, but also to communicate what it is you're looking for. Often you get something completely different than what you want. So I've caught myself trying out software products, including Photoshop, to do my own graphics. All without success, even after hours of painful trial and mostly error.

In this book, Lynn makes creating your own book cover much simpler. It takes you step by step through 3 projects, and I have to say the results are amazing. I can't wait to get an opportunity to do my next cover, I know it will take less time than finding and giving instructions to a graphics person.

I enjoyed reading this book, it wasn't techie at all. I wish I would have purchased this before I purchased Photoshop, I might have saved myself from that expense."

Dennis Becker


"...Create professional eCovers at 1/10th of the cost..."

" I recently had a rather expensive cover graphic created for an eBook I had written. The quality was great, but had I known how easy it is to create the cover myself at virtually no cost, I would have saved the money.

With "How To Create eBook Covers Without Photoshop" you have all the know-how and tools at your disposal to create professional eCovers at 1/10th of the cost of what ecover designers charge for one cover.

Lynn does a tremendous job of showing even the most computer illiterate dunce what to do, step-by-step.

All covers for my eBooks from now on I'm going to create using Lynn's instructions. It's a no-brainer."

Tom Borowski


"...Free software tools to build impressive ebook graphics."

" Creative use of free software tools to build impressive ebook graphics.

I was able to follow the clear step by step instructions and the visuals can get you started with your own projects in minutes.

Very impressive package of free templates to choose from and get you started without spending hundreds of dollars for Photoshop."



"I have always been really bad at using photoshop..."

" Your eBook is fantastic, I have always been really bad at using photoshop, doing website graphics and eBook covers. However the techniques and tips you showed seem simple and easy to do. I know I will be creating my next eBook cover!   :)  "

Adam Fletcher


"...Looks great! And it didn't take much time."

" Lynn combines a number of really cool tools and a clear tutorial to walk you through the creation of several ebook covers.

I am amazed at how well mine turned out - the finished product looks great! And it didn't take much time.

Lynn also includes some pointers on design techniques that will make it easier for me when I design my own covers. Since I'm not inclined to outsource much at this point, this info is pretty valuable and easy to follow."

Deb Vadnais


"...Easy to follow along complete with screen shots..."

" Say goodbye to PhotoShop with this new e-book.

Why is that... well for starters it is way more economical (almost free except for the cost of an image)... second I really like the easy to follow along complete with screen shots instructions.

I was able to take the making of an e-book cover from start to finish following the instructions in about 40% of the time it normally took me to do one through PhotoShop�s main software.

If you looking for an easy to follow guide to producing an e-book cover then look no further."

Bart R


"How To Create Ebook Covers Without Photoshop" shows you step-by-step how you can create your own ebook covers - without using Photoshop.

You'll learn how to create your own ebook covers that look great for only $1 each or even free.

You'll find out where to get the very simple to use software that I make my ecovers with - and it's free.

The covers for 3 PLR ebooks are used as examples and all 3 ebooks, the covers they came with and the new covers created for the examples are included. You are free to use the new ebook covers if you wish.

A 4th bonus ebook and cover is also included. It's a public domain ebook and did not come with any graphics but you are free to use the one I created and include with it.

I'm not very good at writing sales copy but I am good at describing how to do something so that it's easy to understand. Every detail is shown and explained and there's screenshots on every page to illustrate each step and every detail.

However - if something still isn't quite clear enough for you just let me know and I'll reword it or add screenshots or whatever is necessary to make it more clear and you will get that version at no extra charge.


Here's what You Get...

  • "How To Create Ebook Covers Without Photoshop"

  • The Graphics from the 3 Ebooks Used in the Examples

  • All 3 New Ebook Covers Created in the Examples

  • The 3 PLR Ebooks the Covers were made for

  • A 4th Bonus Ebook (public domain) & Cover

  • Free Download of the Software Used (fully functional)

  • Over 300 Ebook Cover Templates and Box Templates
    (For the Free Software Used - NOT for Photoshop)


Only $14.97

System Requirements for the Software:
Windows� 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/Vista

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P.S.  The graphics on this page were all done without Photoshop.

Once you've created an ebook cover it's easy to make a matching header and footer so your sales page has a custom look.

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