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From: Mania Chinongoza & JayKay Bak

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That makes two of us. I have to admit, it's never a bad thing to get those big checks come in the mail from the affiliate networks. Actually, I think every affiliate marketer's goal is to gradually increase the amount that appears on each and every new check that comes in.

However, we all know it's easier said than done. You could have the perfect product to promote, but if you are not promoting it properly you could be losing out on a lot of commissions. You could end up spending a lot more money than you have to buying traffic, especially if you are buying pay per click traffic.

But wait! What if there was a way to promote your affiliate products in a way that eliminates your competition and almost forces your prospect to buy from your affiliate links? What would you do?

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I recently discovered a simple affiliate marketing strategy you can adopt that can help you get more affiliate sales, every single day. This awesome strategy involves the use of product reviews, to give your prospect the information they need and help them make their final purchasing decision.

Can you give short product reviews? If you can, you too can drastically increase the number of affiliate sales from the same amount of traffic!

No doubt... people like to buy products that have actually been proven to work. When you write a product review you have the chance to tell people the pros and cons of a product. You are no longer just a salesman trying to make a sale, you become an informed independent source, who has actually used the product.

You become an informed, independent source..

Now one review is great, but when you add 2 or more that's even better. Not only are you giving the prospect information they need you are also giving them choices. You make it even easier on them, you have also rated their choices.

Sounds like a lot of work? Well it's definitely not as easy as just grabbing your affiliate links and promoting them. However, thanks to the new "Affiliate Review Generator" software, you now have less work to do.

In just a few easy steps, this desktop software...

Easily creates professional looking review pages in just minutes.

Uses a fill-as-you-go interface, so you can never make mistakes.

Automatically optimizes all your review pages for search engines.

Easy to use for both "newbies" and seasoned niche marketers..

Has a preview option, so you can view your review pages.

Uses a proven template, that has high sales conversion rates.

You can easily customize each review page , using any html editor.

Allows you to save as .html or copy source to your clipboard.

Can be used for affiliate products as well as your own products.

Automatically generates website thumbnails for each product.

Reviews, rates & compares up to 3 products on one review page.

Customizes your page background colors and border sizes too.

Works for any products with a website that need a review.

And lots more...

Here's a recent screenshot of one of my review pages...

As you can see my review page above looks very professional it does not look the least like it was created by some generic software. That's awesome!

Although the products on my review page above are all from clickbank marketplace. You can also review products from most other affiliate networks e.g. Commission Junction, Amazon, Linkshare, Shareasale etc.

Check out the software in action, in this demo video...

As you can see this software makes the process of creating your own affiliate review pages so much faster and easier. You just follow the steps, fill in some required information, click 'generate' and out pops your review page.

Save yourself a lot of time that you can use
for other business tasks or to relax.

If you want a new way to efficiently boost your affiliate income, then you should get this software right now and start using it today.

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