JayKay Says: The Only Way To Gain TRUE Financial Freedom Is RECURRING Income


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Co-Own The World's Most Successful Internet Marketing Membership Pocketing 100% Of All Your Sales Yourself EACH & EVERY Month





From the desk of JayKay Bak, CEO - Unselfish Marketers Co. Ltd.



What EXACTLY Do You Offer Me JayKay?



The...It's All Yours To selL, seLL, sELL & SELL ALL The Memberships You Want


LEVERAGE On The Fact That My Teams & I Use Countless Hours Every Week Sourcing, Buying, Spending Minimum $2500/Month Adding Info Products And Services So YOU Don't Have To ...


I Offer YOU TO TAKE ADVANTAGE Of +9 YEARS Of Our Blood, Sweat And Tears Making & Maintaining UM Vault That's Considered The GO TO Membership When It Comes To Getting Access To Fresh Resellable Information Products Online


No One Beats The Unselfish Marketer & We're Dead Set On Keeping It That Way



Why Should I Invest JayKay ??

Investing Is As HANDS FREE As It Possible Can Be


Nike Says "Just Add Water"
JayKay Says "Just Add Members"


Sell ONCE & Get Paid Over AND Over Again Is My Cuppa Tea - Now It's YOURS Too


You Get All Your $47 Initial Signup Fees AND $47 Monthly Recurring Fees
      Instantly Deposited Directly Into YOUR Own PayPal Account - No Waiting ...


You Get All Your $235 Initial Signup Fees AND $235 Biannual Recurring Fees


You Get All Your $423 Initial Signup Fees AND $423 Yearly Recurring Fees


You Get All Your $1997 Fees For LIFETIME UM Vault Access


Add As Many Monthly, Biannual, Yearly Recurring & LIFETIME Fees As You Possibly Can
The Sky Truly Is The Limit Here


Billions ARE Already Online - Most Will Never Say NO To Extra Money
They Just Don't Know "How To" ... SHOW Them


Millions Are ACTIVELY Looking To Supply Their Income And/Or Replace Their J.O.B.
If They Still Have One In This Ugly Economy ... TELL Them


Thousands Are Getting Online Every Day WANTING To Make Money Online
They Don't Know Where To Start Nor Whom To Trust ... TEACH Them


Swap 8 Pennies On The Dollar Gaining +$2,500.00 In Purchase Power, A +9 Years PROVEN & BATTLE TESTED Internet Marketing Membership Site AND My Teams & I Working Hard For YOU


YOU Get A REAL Ready To Go +9 Years Proven Membership In-A-Box Solution


YOU Are Investing Into My Purchase Power, My Teams & Myself


We'll Be Doing All The Hard Work For YOU


We'll Source & Add Products Every 2nd Day As We Have Done Since Oct. 2006 Without Fail


We'll Even Support YOUR Members Keeping Them Happy Troopers, Paying YOU For Months Even YEARS (588 UMers Have Happily Been Paying JayKay Minimum $1,000.00 PROOF)



Why Are You Doing This JayKay ??

Short Answer: BECAUSE I CAN


My Motto For  Is: "Spreading MY Wealth"


A BIG Part Of MY Success Is Because I've Always Been Willing To Share More Than Half Of My Income With My Valued JV Affiliate Partners - Now I'm Going "ALL OUT" Giving You 100% ... Yes, You Can Call Me Unselfish; My Peers Do


I've Worked Harder Than Most Are Prepared To Work To Get To Where I Am Today


I've Gained TRUE FINANCIAL FREEDOM & It Tastes Sweet As Honey
I Want YOU To Taste The Honey Too


Truth Is I Don't NEED More Money ...
But I WANT More Money When I Deliver On My Promises


Since I Don't Mind Working Hard I Want YOU To Work Less




I Want YOU To Partner Up With Me & Co-Own My +9 Years PROVEN Business


NOT Just Any PROVEN Business ... This Is An Invitation To Co-Own My FLAGSHIP 



Why Should I Trust You JayKay ??

EASY To Answer:


IF I Stop Delivering On ALL My Promises To You...You Will Of Course Stop Investing


IF You Stop Investing I Loose MY MONTHLY RECURRING Income


What's Even WORSE I Loose My Good Name & Excellent Reputation.!! (Google: JayKay Bak)


Committing Internet Success Suicide Is NOT MY Cuppa Tea...Monthly RECURRING Income Is





Why Should I NOT Invest JayKay ??

IF You Prefer To Do The Same Things As You've Done & Failed - EXPECT To Fail For Years


DON'T Invest If You Think There Is A Magic Push-One-Button Software To Immense Riches
(I WASTED 3 years of my time looking for it - Do go spend 3 years too - THEN come back to me)


DON'T Invest If $7 Daily Purchase Fixes Chasing Overnight Riches Is Your Thing - At The End Of Every Month You're +$200 Out Of Pocket With Little Or NOTHING To Show
(EVENTUALLY you'll learn as I did - THEN come back to me)


DON'T Invest If You Think YOU Can't Find Just 2 (Yep TWO) Members To Get Profitable


Someone HAS To Tell You The UGLY Truth: IF You Can't Sell Just TWO Of Anything Online You Will Be Much Happier Flipping Burgers In McDonald's Forgetting All About Making Money Online


DON'T Invest If You Don't Have The Money - SCRATCH THAT - That's The Stupidest Excuse You Can Ever Say To Yourself - You're Robbing Yourself Of The Success YOU Truly Deserve.!
It Costs Money To Make Money - We're NOT Talking About +$2500 So FIND The Money



What Should I Do Now JayKay ??

As With Most Things In Life You Have 2 Choices


Keep Status Quo - Expecting Things Will Financially Improve For Whatever Reason You Tell Yourself Or For NO Reason At All...


Rinse & Repeat Being Busy "Working Your Business" Spending Hours Surfing On Facebook, Watching YouTube Videos & Reading Emails Selling You "You Die Unless You Buy This" Bright Shiny Object While You're Getting NOWHERE For The Next 3 Years...THEN Come Back To Me  


Expect To Beat The Odds That Are Stacked Against You


ALL The HARD Work Has Been Done For +9 Years & Will Continue To Be Done For A Minimum Of 3 Years (my Lawyer says I can't legally promise more) BUT I'm Going Nowhere Until 2031 When I Reach 67 & Will Retire. Betcha Someone Takes Over...:-)


UNDERSTAND That +9 Years Of Proven Success Is Instantly Within Your Reach


KNOW That You Don't Have To Spend Minimum $2500 Every Month To Be Successful


TREAT You New Business AS IF YOU ARE Paying +$2500 Even Though It's 97.24% LESS


TRUST JayKay When I Say NOW Is The Best Time To Invest - I'm KNOWN To Raise My Fees...* Consider Yourself Warned & Do NOT Blame Me If It Happens Overnight - NOW IS YOUR TIME


I Promise It'll NEVER Be Cheaper Than RIGHT NOW - You Can Bank On That


Save Yourself Minimum $2431 Every Month NOT Counting The Amount Of Blood, Sweat & Tears Needed To CONTINUE To Be The Most Successful Internet Marketing Membership In The World


Reach Out NOW And Grab YOUR Piece Of Internet Marketing Success 




Yes, JayKay! I Want To Partner Up & Co-Own Your Flagship


I Invest NOT 8 JUST 3 Pennies On The Dollar Gaining +$2,500.00 In Purchase Power, A +9 Years PROVEN & BATTLE TESTED Internet Marketing Membership Site To Sell & JayKay's Teams AND JayKay Himself Working Hard For ME


I Want To SELL Membership Access To More Than 8000 Resellable Products TODAY And New Products Added Every 2nd Day Without Fail Since Oct. 2006..!



I Understand That I'm Instantly Paid 100% On ALL My
$47 Initial Signup Fees AND $47 Monthly Recurring Fees (Preview)
$423 Initial Signup Fees AND $423 Yearly Recurring Fees,
$1997 Pay ONCE For LIFETIME UM Vault Access
Deposited Directly Into My Own PayPal Account



I Understand My Co-Owner Status ALSO Entitles Me To Be Paid
$34.50 Monthly / $345 Yearly Recurring Commissions
$1,248.50 Commission For A Lifetime Referral
Or More On New Co-Owners I Signup



In Exchange For All The Monies Coming My Way I Promise To Respect & Honor The Unselfish Marketer's 100% 30 Days No Fuss Money Back Guarantee IF One Of My Members Happens To Need A Refund


I Spend +$2,500.00 Each Month So You DON'T Have To


Sell Unlimited UM Vault Membership Subscriptions $47 Per Month,

$423 Per Year &

$1997 Lifetime

Webinar Retail: $197.00
YOUR Investment Today

CO-OWN Unselfish Marketer Vault Membership
SAVE $120+ Every Month

Sell Unlimited UM Vault Membership Subscriptions $47 Per Month,

$423 Per Year &

$1997 Lifetime

Webinar Retail: $9997.00
YOUR Investment Today

CO-OWN Unselfish Marketer Vault Membership Lifetime
Invest LESS Than JayKay Does To Run UM Vault ONE Month 

Sell Unlimited UM Vault Membership Subscriptions $47 Per Month,

$423 Per Year &

$1997 Lifetime

Webinar Retail: $1997.00
YOUR Investment Today

CO-OWN Unselfish Marketer Vault Membership Yearly
SAVE 2 Months Fee ($138/yr.)
Compared To Monthly Fee


Invest LESS Than JayKay Does To Run UM Vault ONE Month


*I Still Haven't Decided How Many Co-Owners I Let In Before I Raise The Fee & With How Much. Leaving Today You Risk Your Chance To Co-Own The Vault At Waaaaay To Low $69



I rest my case :-)


Seeking YOUR Success,

JayKay Bak
CEO & Founder of Unselfish Marketers Co. Ltd.

Scandinavia Asia
Unselfish Marketers Co. Ltd. Unselfish Marketers Co. Ltd.
Attn: J-K Bak 21/189 Moo 5, Soi Nernplawan Plaza
Moellevej 4 i Nongprue, Banglamung
4100 Ringsted 20260 Chonburi
Denmark Thailand

P.S. Do You Know Who Always Got RICH During The World's Many Goldrushes ??

The Ones Who Sold TOOLS: The Shovels, Chisels, Pry Bars, Picks & Pans.!!

Sell The TOOLS Like JayKay Does & Always Come Out On Top :-)




Q: Since I'm Paid Instantly Into My Own PayPal Account Is A Personal PayPal Account Good Enough?

A: Sorry NO, Personal PayPal Can Only Send Money, Not Receive (I call that: Pending Bankruptcy...)
You NEED A PayPal Premier Or A Business Account. It Costs Nothing To Get Upgraded :-)



Q: When I Join As A Co-Owner, Do I Still Need My Regular UM Vault $47 Per Month Program?

A: Selling Co-Own Is THE Perfect Upsell To Any IM Product You Just Sold ... I Highly Recommend You To Keep Your UM Vault Membership To Continue Having Access To Fresh Products Every 2nd Day



Q: Can't I Just Signup As An Affiliate & Get 50% Commissions Selling $47/mo. UM Vault?

A: Yes You Can ... But WHY Gift Me 50% Of Your Hard Earned Cash Each & Every Month



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